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“The diagram in the ashes had two epicenters - one he called “reason”, the other “will”. “Reason” was interconnected directly with a point he called “talking".
”Through “talking”, “reason” was indirectly connected to three other points - “feeling”, “dreaming” and “seeing.” The other epicenter, “will”, was directly connected to “feeling”, “dreaming” and “seeing”, but only indirectly to “reason” and “talking”. I remarked that the diagram was different from the one I had recorded years before.
“The outer form is of no importance” he said. “These points represent a human being and can be drawn in any way you want.”
“Do they represent the body of a human being?” I asked.
“Don’t call it the body” he said. “These are eight points on the fibers of a luminous being. A sorcerer says, as you can see in the diagram, that a human being is, first of all will, because will is directly connected to three points - feeling, dreaming and seeing. Then next, a human being is reason. This is properly a center that is smaller than will. It is connected only with talking.”
“What are the other two points, don Juan?”
He looked at me and smiled...”
― Carlos Castaneda, Tales of Power


released April 14, 2016

All tracks written, arranged and produced by Borislav Lazarov.



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Maharishi / Asoma София, Bulgaria

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